The School to Prison Pipeline

I think that society is stuck in their old ways with stereotyping people and limiting themselves from diverse environments. This idea has contributed greatly to the school to prison pipeline. While discussing this in class, we talked about “white flight“ and how it affects certain neighborhoods. Legally we do not have segregation in schools and in the society but it happens slowly and indefinitely. This is not the same for all areas. At my school, Willoughby South, I believe every year we become more and more diverse from the families in Cleveland city schools moving out to the suburbs. A lot of the diversity in schools depends on the area that you are from. This affects the school to prison pipeline because of the uneven ratio of white to black kids that get put into prisons and go through juvenile courts. What happens is that schools with a majority of black students have more security within them. Creating more arrests especially for minor offenses. The intense amount of security is not helping the students or keeping them safe, it is increasing arrests which effects the students lives in the long run, creating a prison like environment. In the article, it discusses how rare of an event like a school shooting is. I calculated the statistics and it states that a billionth of a percent chance that a school shooting will take place. With all of these security measures into schools that are meant to help students feel safe, have actually just increased the amount of arrests with in the schools of high-security. Most of these arrests are for actions such as speaking out in class, fighting, truancy and others just like it. With actions like this it does not declare the student harmful to the community. It is an unfair system that needs to be fixed but in the long run. This can start when desegregation becomes enforced again to create equally diverse schools and communities.


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