Video Game Blog Post 2 McDonalds Game Comparison

I had the opportunity to play the McDonalds Video Game and I wanted to do a comparison to the video game I am exploring (Lets Go Luna). These two games had many similarities. For instance, they both provide a simulation that is engaging to students and allows them to make decisions how ever they choose seems fitting. These games provide information and access to opportunities that students might not be able to experience in their everyday life. I love that both games allow the player to have full control over their actions

These games also had a couple differences. The McDonalds Video Game seems to have an ulterior motive as an underlying factor. The same had political stereotypes and and biased motives. Although it was informational, it is hard to tell what parts of the game are accurate to real life. For the Lets Go Luna game, there is no bias involved, just factual information that can provide new and interesting knowledge about an unknown area of content.

Overall, I really did enjoy playing the McDonalds Video Game because it was fast pace and always had me on my feet. There was always a task needed to be done and it was fun trying to keep the company running smoothly! Maybe I will be a CEO one day…or maybe not.

Below is a screenshot of the game. This is a scene where the player is farming to create more soy and meat for the company.

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