Video Game Blog Post 3 Gee Article

The game “Lets Go Luna” has been overwhelmingly helpful in introducing me to the idea of using video games in the classroom. This has been an eyeopening experience for me because I had no idea that there were so many educational opportunities in the video gaming world.

James Gee’s article discusses many different ways that video games can be beneficial in a classroom environment. One of these benefits is that they allow children to experience a simulation of events that they may not experience in real life. My favorite point that Gee makes is that video games can “build simulations to understand and make sense of things, but also to help you prepare for action in the world.” Especially at the elementary school age, it is important to allow students to experience things that they might face when they grow older. These experiences might impact how they want to make decisions in the future. Not only that but video games can give these students practice for what is to come. We are given an unlimited amount of resources on the internet to help students progress their learning and it is our job as teachers to find these resources and implement it in learning. Technology has advanced to the point that it is almost a necessary component of learning. This video game exploration has shown me the ways, not only technology, but video games are beneficial in student learning.

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