Digital Storytelling Script- Peruvian Adventure

There are approximately 195 countries in the world. It is easy to get caught up in life around you and forget about the people that you might not interact with. Every country is different and experiences different climates, people, environments, and celebrations/holidays. For this project, each student in our class was able to pick a country that we are not familiar with and to virtually travel there to immerse ourselves in a life that is unfamiliar. The country that caught my eye for this project was Peru. In this digital story, we will travel to this unknown country and learn to appreciate the Peruvian lifestyle and see that it is not so different from our own.

Peru is a beautiful country full of flourishing national parks, unique architecture, and just really happy people. A city that stood out to me during my research was Cusco. The 16th century colonial architecture and narrow winding streets give the city a very unique feel. There is a big Central open courtyard in the middle of the city named Plaza de Armas. Peru is also home to one of the seven wonders of the world. Machu Picchu is a huge tourist attraction that has a lot of history within it. 

The official language of Peru is Spanish but many of the people are educated in English as well and can speak it pretty fluently. The people of Peru are a mix of many different cultures including Indians, Spaniards and other Europeans descendants of African slaves and Asians. People in Peru dressed similarly to us, but some people still wear their traditional Peruvian clothing that is made from alpaca fur beautifully weaved together and dyed with flower petals. 

Similar to the United States, Peru celebrates different holidays, festivals, and traditions. They enjoy food similar to ours but also have specific types of foods that are specific to their country. Soccer and many other sports are a huge part of Peruvian life. They do not have football but fútbol which is super popular in this country. 

It is important to appreciate different cultures and different ethnicities and to see what makes each person so unique. Especially at a young age we should acknowledge that there so many people and environments that are different from our own. What we see around us is only a fraction of what this world is made of. 

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